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    Arrived and combined!
    I was thinking to combine the BS&F and RS&F with metal and I thought that was nice to use a big bronze plated chain in combination with the red and and black materials that I love.

    This is the first test, I think they are very nice, they looks glamour and all the connected parts are working good, the necklace's closure on the back is also working fine. I made also one version inspired by my COUPE DE COEUR collection, but the final necklace pendant it seems to be too fragile and I have to work again on it.

    Earrings and necklaces looks gorgeous, I've tested them yesterday during a fashion show and are perfect if worn with a casual or an elegant outfit.

    Hoping you like it, opinions are welcome.

    Items are not for sale.

    Photo 04-11-12 22 27 26.jpg

    Photo 04-11-12 22 29 26.jpg

    Photo 04-11-12 22 31 55.jpg

    Photo 05-11-12 08 34 08.jpg

    Photo 05-11-12 08 35 31.jpg

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