Black High Definition Acrylate - Harden Material (a Little Bit)

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by Kreisbrecher, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Kreisbrecher
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    I received a 1/270 TIE Silencer model and I am super happy with the overall quality (and especially the level of detail). However the tips of the wings up to the main body can be bend easily by just touching them. Is there a way I can harden the material a bit more somehow? Or will it get a bit more stiff once I paint and varnish the model?

    I am a bit concerned that the wings constantly will be out of shape as I use the model for playing a tabletop game, hence I will it will be touched or but in a (padded) box for transport.

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  2. michaelpenn
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    Hi Kreisbrecher

    The Acrylate is UV sensitive and will cure with more UV light, the best option is to leave the part in direct sunlight for a day or two. Or if you know someone with a nail curing oven (something low powered and safe), you can put the part in there for a few hours.

    As a general rule the material is fairly flexible by design (ideal for miniatures and gaming pieces) and a little flexibility is good to prevent breaking during falling and drops.
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    Yeah, sunlight will work wonders. It can also cause warping too so make sure to turn it over once in a while to harden both sides. As it hardens it shrinks a tiny bit and that causes warping. Another way that is used to stiffen plastic is electroplating a thick coating of a metal like copper or nickel.
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