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    Have received several items in the frosted detail material. I rinsed them in warm water with dishwashing soap to remove the oily production liquid. This worked pretty well, but I noticed a few spots on the models that the paint (used an air brush) didn't adhere. Should I soak them longer? Warmer water? Or stronger soap?

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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    I used to use acetone (cheap nail polish remover) which gets everything but the big thick globs off the surface in one soak. On Stonysmith's recommendation I picked up some Bestine (heptane) at Michaels (big craft store chain in North America) and tried that - it's the best cleaner for FD and FUD. It's expensive but you can pour it back into the can and use it again and again. After 5-10 minutes of soaking the support material is all gone except for a light coating of white powder where the really thick stuff was.

    Make sure you work away from ignition sources (it's flammable) and try hard not to breathe it or get it on your skin.

    The models shown in this thread (canoes printed in Frosted Ultra Detail and canoe car in Frosted Detail) amp;start=0& were washed in Bestine and the canoe car spray painted with acrylics.
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    I clean my FUD with GOO-Gone in an ultrasonic cleaner. 2 or 3 cycles and then a bath using Dawn dish washing liquid with water. I use the ultrasonic clearer for the Dawn bath too. I have 2 of them so 1 for the GOO-Gone and the other for the dawn water bath. Final rinse with warn water and all is well.