Big Problems with Mozart...

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    Hello good people of shapeways :D .

    I have just finished a sculpture of Mozart, but I messed around while trying to decimate the torso (see attached), now it only has a partial back side, I can't seem to do anything with it, I need the top to be solid and fit onto the head as a key (see file in next message 'headfix') and be ready for printing (I have pre-sculpted details (buttons, scarf, embroidery, that will be added also) but first I need the piece to be solid. before I can do anything.

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!


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    here is the head, which has a hole in it's base which needs to fit onto the torso 'key'

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    ok, I created a new topology for the torso, it's cleaner and better but now it doesn't want to decimate!! I tried to decimate within zbrush and meshlab - in zbrush it sort of turns inside out, and in meshlab it goes all 'spiky' everywhere.

    - Does anybody have any clue why it is doing that?

    Many thanks