Big Boulder by OSKAR

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    Hi Shapeways fans,


    Big Boulder is a blatant case of twisty puzzle extremism. 1 core, 60 centers, 140 corners and a whopping 150 edges. That is a lot of pieces. And to make it more complex, this puzzle jumbles too, which means that some moves may be blocked by other pieces. This puzzle is based on the geometry of a Pentagonal hexecontahedron. You may want to look that up on Wikipedia. The object of the puzzle is to scramble it and then solve it to a state where each color only touches itself or black.

    Watch the YouTube video.
    Buy the puzzle from my Shapeways Shop.
    Read at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
    Check out the photos below.



    Big Boulder -  prototype - view 1.jpg

    Big Boulder -  prototype - view 2.jpg

    Big Boulder -  prototype - view 3.jpg

    Big Boulder -  prototype - view 4.jpg

    Big Boulder - construction - view 2.jpg
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    Oskar, all of your work astonishes me, but it's way out of my league.
    I wish I could make an intelligent comment, but your twist-puzzles just make my head spin.
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    That's a lot of parts ! How long does it take you to assemble one ?
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  4. Oskar_van_Deventer
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    > ow long does it take you to assemble one ?
    Several hours.

  5. Let me just say: that blows my mind. I see the pictures, but my cerebral cortex cannot even begin to process it. That has to be the most amazing puzzle I've ever seen. Awesome work!