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    Hello, I'm suggesting that SW could make their order list "my orders" with a name on each order.
    Im thinking of a label or title like: [Own title of product] [Print materials] [Quantity].
    Then we dont have to click in and out of each order to see which of our orders have come to a certain status or which invoice belongs to what order.

    Also, suggestion 2 is to set an option on whether or not to display orders that are cancelled, and to flag orders that are received, so that only the current orders and those in development are shown.


    Ingar K
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    Right, but with this Id have to download every time I want to check something right, what Im thinking about is not the ater accounting, but the realtime list where I can see the new and ongoing projects. I wanna get right to the correct ongoing project and see which projects are where in the process. When we start getting more than 5 ongoing orders, it gets annoying to click back and forth, because noone remembers what is in a title like 334455, so you end up clicking on the same order and guessing the order by date and status.