Better Care In Packing

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by mgee, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. mgee
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    It is a shame when items print well (which you confirm by having several printed and sent to you undamaged in separate orders) and then the same FUD item arrives smashed because of reckless people doing the packing - jamming the item into a small bubble-wrap envelope, snagging bits on the bubbles and breaking them off, and sending you the expensive wreckage. Shapeways would do better to put as much effort into packing and delivering products in good order as it does in trumpeting how wonderful a company Shapeways is.
  2. draw
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    I've seen small delicate things shipped in a small bag or box filled with sawdust or wood shavings and it seems to offer excellent protection. They do need to be packed without large air voids and some pre-shaking or light compression to minimize settling during shipment should help. It's great for smaller jewelry sized objects or delicate miniatures.

    You'd think that something could be substituted for sawdust like ground up corn starch peanuts. Anything that resembles oatmeal and isn't staining, toxic, or stat-icky should be ok for direct contact. The bubble wrap could then be put around the container holding the print and the sawdust-like filler. Selection of a filler material that doesn't violate importation rules around the world could be tricky. It might require the invention of cheap manufactured cellulose balls or strands if they don't already exist. Even something like the fake grass for Easter baskets might be workable for lots of delicate prints.
  3. Frozenrain
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    Packaging of shapeways is so poor that my local express do twice better than shapeways,even when they deliver something to the same city.But shapeways deliver precious gift halfway across the world to me with a small bubble-wrap package.Luckily my gift does not break or it's just because the wall of my design is thick enough for this transfer.
  4. Vannjaren
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    I would agree that the shipping isn't always good enough.
    Made a sandstone figurine and due to shipping issues arrived broken - modified the figurine to make the damaged areas thicker as advised - thicker than the minimum requirements - and still arrived broken. Worse still as it was a gift from a friend.
    I really think for more fragile materials like sandstone etc. they should seriously rethink the type of packaging they use for such items. Metals are fine, but other things really need more care and attention!
  5. Jasonaldean
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    Packaging provides the protection of the product. It also plays a key role in advertising the brand of the product.