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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by ChristianA, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. ChristianA
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    In a few hours we will introduce a BETA of the shop inventory tool. We've contacted several of you to understand what you would like to see and have worked hard to make that for you.

    You will notice that the BETA shop inventory has a very similar look and feel to your My Models page. We want to make sure that whether you are managing your models or your shop inventory the experience is the same.

    To make it easier for you to find the models you want to manage we've included search and tag filtering. Select one or multiple tags to just view models that are associated with the tags you've selected.

    Change the display order of your models by selecting the display order and changing it to the order you want. After you've changed the display order make sure to click save. Your changes will be saved. It will take a few minutes for your shop changes to be propogated throughout the site.

    Editing and viewing the materials available for your model is now also easier. Click the materials link to start editing the materials available for a model.

    To add a material click the add material link and then select the material you would like to add and add your markup. If you want to make a certain material your default, click the set to default button. You will not be able to remove the material which is your default.

    Need to edit your markup? Click your markup amount and start editing. To view the retail price with VAT click "Show Vat", to hide it click "Hide Vat". If you need to remove a material click on disable and the material will grey out. Make sure to click "Save Changes" so that your changes are saved.

    We are aware that there are a couple of issues currently with BETA shop inventory. These issues are:

    - When updating the display order more than one model can have the same display order.
    - When updating the display order, it does not update immediately.
    - The price that is displayed is for the cheapest material option. In the future this will display the retail price.

    You can always switch back to the old shop inventory at the top of the BETA shop inventory.

    These issues are being investigated and we are attempting to resolve them. While we are hard at work investigating these issues we want to make sure we give you the opportunity to give us feedback so that we can continue to improve. As you explore the BETA version, if you have any feedback, please post it right here in this forum.
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  3. Jettuh
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    +1 !
  4. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Took a first look on that:

    It looks fancier now.

    - add the selection functionality you already have implemented in my models
    - add selection for (availability or not availablity in one material)

    And the most wanted feature in the inventory was always doing changes for several items in one step:

    Something like that would be my typical shop workflow:
    - Select a group of models (i.e. all models buyable in WSF)
    - change the markup to x% of the production price

    Otherwise from shop owner view it's only another view of the my model page and the change steps needed are not significantly different.

  5. ChristianA
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    Hey everyone,

    A quick update! We've released an update to BETA Shop Inventory. The release includes the following:

    - When updating the display order duplicates will no longer be displayed.
    - When updating the display order, the update is immediate (in the display, it will still take a few minutes to propagate to your shop).
    - The price that is displayed is the lowest retail price of your model.

    Please feel free to reach out to us with any feedback.

    @woody64: We definitely understand your position and your comments! While performing this update we had in mind specifically making bulk updates to a group of models. You can definitely expect an update in the future to include this!
  6. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Started to playing around with the new material/pricing schema.
    Currently the pricing is only $?

  7. ChristianA
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    Woody64 - the pricing is the currency you've selected on the product detail page.

    If you go to a product detail page such as and take a look at the top right container which is titled 'Select Country & Currency' you can see the currency you currently have selected.

    Changing the currency in here will also change the currency displayed in the shop inventory tool.
  8. Dragoman
    Dragoman New Member
    When an item is visible to the public but not for sale, it does not appear in the new shop inventory. So I cannot define where it goes in the sort order.


    When I have a model more or less ready, but not finished, I like to display it so that customers have an idea what is in the pipeline. And I would like to put it in the proper place in the shop. This was possible with the old inventory

    Would you make it possible that the shop inventory optionally shows all items? Or at least thoses that are on display?

    Karl Heinz