Best Way To Model Forest / Woods For Scaled Architectural Site Model ?

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    I am working on a scaled model for a university campus. I want to add trees to the wooded area on campus. I found a 3D model of a group of trees I like but I am worried that it will look very repetitive with only one tree group.

    I tried to populate the site with the found tree group model just by simply copying/ offsetting/rotating that tree group. I am not happy with the result.

    I am wondering:
    - is there a software or good way to populate the site with trees that doesn't look repetitive? I am using rhino now.
    - is there a way I can model my own trees that is a little abstract(since the scale of the model is small) ?
    --- i am thinking i can make spheres, and use grasshopper or other tools to add a 3D texture/wrinkles onto the sphere. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    thank you for sharing your ideas!
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    None of your google links are public... a person must ask permission to view them.

    As to making trees, you need to seek out some tool that can generate the randomness you are looking for. I know of Arbaro.. but you will need to do a good bit of work to turn that into something that you can 3d print. There's also an Arbaro module for Blender.. that might be the way to go.
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    Thank you!I am looking for less detailed/abstract trees. Do you think arbaro will work too?
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    There are several such tree-building algorithms.. all of them have parameters that will limit how detailed to make the final tree. You'll also have to tweak the diameter of all the segments to make sure that your tree fits the "thin wires" requirement.
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    3D printing isn't necessarily the best solution for every problem. There are cheap tree armatures available from Woodland Scenics that will build 20/30 very nice trees, and are cheaper than one or two 3D printed trunks.

    I love 3D printing too, but sometimes when you have a screw, you need a screwdriver, not a road grader. :)
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