Best Software to generate models for 3D color printing

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  1. I've uploaded 10+ models and successfully printed them in the materials WSF (+ 3 other colors), FD, Alumide, and Sandstone. Now I want to use the Full Color Sandstone (FCS) material.

    Through trial and error, email with customer support, and checking forum threads, I have deduced that OBJ files with color profiles are not supported for FCS printing. If I am wrong about this, someone please correct me, to stop me from expending some serious future effort.

    It seems I must use VRML2 or X3D to print to FCS. And since I'm not making headway exporting my OBJ files to proper VRML2/X3D using SketchUp/AccuTrans3D/MeshLab/Blender, I'd like some recommendations on the 3D modeling software I should use to achieve my objective.

    Q1: If you have successfully printed a model using Full Color Sandstone, please tell me what software and format was used.

    For my application, the 3D modeling software must support some type of user-specified computation to transform an imported model.

    Q2: If you have an opinion on which software/format is best suited for my purpose (3ds Max, Maya, Rhino, ...) please tell me.


    P.S. Up til now, I've used SketchUp Pro 8 to generate all of my models, exporting to either STL or OBJ. I've had to write support software and use/modify various SketchUp plug-ins, because the patterns in my models are computed, based on Wolfram's Automated Cellular Automaton (see attached photo of a model printed in FD). I've tried numerous times to export VRML from SketchUp, following suggestions given in the forums, to no avail. Models that successfully export to OBJ format, when exported to VRML format, are either corrupted or incomplete or just wrong, when examined using AccuTrans3D, Blender, or MeshLab. Same with OBJ files exported to VRML from the latter 3 programs. This is why I am asking for help. If you know some magic to make SketchUp or these other programs export proper VRML, please advise.


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