Best Software for Jewelry Design? Mac vs PC?

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by ebethc, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. ebethc
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    What's the best 3d software for jewelry design? I want to make silver bracelets....

    Also, I use a Mac, but if the best programs are on PC, then maybe I would switch.

  2. numarul7
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    a) for money = For jewllery it is with a plugin that makes a hefty 2500 euro. (It is only WINDOWS) Rhino it is generalist software for Design and Rhino Gold it is separate plugin / interface for jewllery design.

    If you really want top of the line used software.

    b) for free = Other option it is learning Blender 3D from (runs on mac and linux and windows) combined with netfabb basic

    Both software have a learning curve and it is up to your wallet to chose what you want.
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  4. ashleyterr
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    For me, the best are Blender and Matrix. I also tried TinkerCad, but I had really no time to learn it (I joined the classroom and started my first practical tasks, but then just chose Blender instead).
  5. JackHaiden
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    There are a large number, the same rhinos about which you have already been talked about, I think you can do something similar in SolidWork.
  6. 8_Perf
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    Plenty of naysayers out there, and say what you will, but i use Sketchup 2017 desktop version with a bunch of plugins. Still free, and my 3 jewelry clients dont seem to have any issues with what I send them.