Best material for small parts?

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  1. I was happy to receive my prototype in White Strong and Flexible, but couldn't help but notice it was sponge-y and a bit more frail than I expected. In my tiny mind, I was thinking something more like a typical PVC part having no experience with this.

    My challenge is complex here because I am trying to make things that are tough, flexible, but actually quite small, and require tolerances close to what you're spec'ed to. So the .3mm shrinkage I noticed has impact. It's do-able, I can work around it, but it's at this scale dimensional tolerances are tough to manage. Would Alumide be even harder to work with then and more brittle?

    Is there any material or process I can use that is appropriate for small run productions for parts that require fidelity to detail to even .1mm? And I also wish to try metal (I'm guessing your steel process probably isn't appropriate for this granularity). I was thinking perhaps something that required stereolithography then making a mold out of that somehow.

    Unfortunately, I'm only an armchair engineer, so feel free to use small words. :)

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