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    I'm using shapeways to produce a series of 'Greens' that will later be used to produce a line of pewter figures for a tabletop game I'm making.

    The first batch of prototype figures I ordered was made from the White, Strong, and Flexible material. While I was able paint up these figures using a line of tabletop war game paints(see attached picture), the flat armor surfaces were somewhat bumpy. This made painting the figures a little more annoying then a typical game figure.(Its tolerable though)

    I was considering ordering some made in the White Detail material since this material is rated as smoother then then the White, Strong, and Flexible, but I wanted to get some feedback from people who have used this material before I pay twice the price of the WSF material.

    Also, is there something special I can do to reduce the bumpiness on my flat armor surfaces?

    Edit: I just wanted to clarify one thing: Bumpy is not the best word. The surface is just rough enough to make it difficult to apply paint.

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  2. I actually find WSF really good for painting; I tend to apply a thinned coat of paint first to 'stain' the piece (letting the paint soak into the plastic), then applying a slightly thicker coat or two on top. The thicker coats (plus a topcoat of varnish) enrich the colour, and also help to smooth out the bumps.

    But yeah, for a static piece like you're printing, Detail ought to work just fine. Probably a good idea to wash the piece first with a little warm water and detergent to get rid of any support material, then let it air dry.
    But that's good advice when you're painting almost any model.
    For the record, I haven't actually had any Detail models printed myself yet; this advice is based on what others have said about the material, and my own painting experience.
    Your ships look really cool, by the way. ;)

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    Thanks for the information. Since I was going to order two sets of my figures anyway, I'll order one in WSF and the other in White Detail and find out which one is better.

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    Please keep us posted :)
    I was wondering the same thing, for the thing I have in mind I need the detail material but not sure if I can paint it.

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    Tamiya acrylic paint worked well for me on detail material...