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  1. SmoothJewels
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    hey guys! im really excited to start this and since ive got some extra free time and im a computer freak, i think i can start learning about 3d designing. i just have one question. whats a good and free program for creating the object? thanks!
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  2. Twopounder
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    I use Google Sketchup which is both free and very very beginner friendly.

    You can find SketchUp here.

    A great website to start is Sketchucation, especially the Solid Inspector that will check for potential printing errors.

    You'll want to watch some video tutorials to get started. Google has a library of video tutorials that are worth watching here.

    The most important thing to remember is to keep at it. There will be things you don't understand or think you'll never be able to do, but you WILL figure it out as you get experience.

    Another tool is Blender, but this has a much steeper learning curve.