Bb8 Inspired Dice

Discussion in 'My Work In Progress' started by marshalld1993, Feb 13, 2020.

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    actually I'm working on a die that is inspired by the Star Wars android BB8. So far im really happy with my progress and got the modelling done so far. My next step will be the realease and ordering a detail plastic version to mold and cast it in resin.
    My concerns are now, how about the rights on such a thing. I've seen a lot of stuff with linkage to Star Wars and even calling it a "Star Wars" whatsoever. Is that ok. I tried to find something on google but its only about trademarks and direct copies of something. So am I free to do this? Cause its only inspired by the design of the android but its wether the android nor a complete copy of its patterns.

    I know there is a gray room for this, but how can I do it the right way. Can I call it BB8 inspired Dice, or go even further calling it BB8 Dice or Star Wars BB8 Dice, or should I go a step back and call it BB6 or DD6?

    Anyone here aware of this?
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    You should take a look at the terms of fair use for both the US (since it's where the company holding the rights is from) and your home country if it has any laws regarding that. If it's not a straight-up copy it should go under the 'fair use' part of the deal, so you should look into that, as long as you do not use brand names or anything directly related to the company itself - in your case, Star Wars and Disney.

    There are other threads on the forum regarding this however.