Battletech figures: Mechwarrior online style.

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  1. HaVoC373
    HaVoC373 New Member
    These came in a few days ago.
    I've been a fan of Mechwarrior/Battletech for a while but i've always hated the design of most of the miniatures. so i made my own based on the mechs from mechwarrior online.

    Presenting from left to right: The Highlander, The Awesome, The Raven and the catapult

  2. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Very good. You're going to paint them?
  3. HaVoC373
    HaVoC373 New Member
    I intend to, i'm not much of a painter though so i'll be digging through a few tutorials first.
  4. Maethius
    Maethius New Member
    That is fantastic... I love the new models in that game. I started playing Battletech with the first edition board game, right after FASA got their butt sued by Lucasfilm for calling it "Battle Droids" and got their butts further threatened with legal action by Bandai for stealing pictures of Macross mecha. :D

    (It's a violation of copyright laws to use the models for printing, by the way, but they ARE fantastic! Did you model them yourself based off of the designs?)
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  5. Tresob
    Tresob New Member
    They do look awesome! Now you just need a diorama for them to pulverize each other in...
  6. RogerN
    RogerN New Member
    I love the CPLT-K2 in particular. Are these models detailed enough to look good at a larger scale? I've always wanted one about 6" tall...
  7. HaVoC373
    HaVoC373 New Member
    They would probably look fine at a larger scale but 6 inch would be the limit