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  1. amjones58
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    I currently have a rough model of a hookah bowl id like to make and some rough sketches of other models id like made. The overall design is simple, and straight forward, and i am fully open to any idea's you have on how to improve it. If your looking to expand your portfolio i can send pictures of the finished project. I have the rough model i made attached.

    Any help would be great, Thanks

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  2. SpikmanDesign
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    I could possibly help you if you send me another file which I can open.

    I am using Solidworks 2012 and Rhinoceros 4.0

  3. Ronsaki
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    I am not sure if it is safe to use 3D printed part as a bowl. You might want to check that out before smoking from it.
  4. greensky
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    I converted it to .STL

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