Bar Fleet Badge

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by Ray716, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Ray716
    Ray716 New Member
    A friend of mine is a member of Bar Fleet, which is a Star Trek club with a drinking problem.. or is it a drinking club with a Star Trek problem.. either way, this is how everything came out :)

    The first pic is how it arrived, The second is after polishing and the last two are done :)


    Ray SDC10438.JPG SDC10445.JPG SDC10450.JPG SDC10452.JPG
  2. Ray716
    Ray716 New Member
    Ohhh 2 things i forgot to mention... this is my First Model from Shapeways, and i think it came out FANTASTICALLY!

    And because it's Stainless Steel, i was able to use a name badge Magnet to hold this design on to the shirt!

    I'm very thrilled with my first design :)

  3. designerica
    designerica New Member
    a) where do i sign up?

    b) that looks great and the magnet is brilliant. what's in the wells, epoxy resin? is it clear or tinted?

    c) if you touch it, does a drink call out to you in voice-over?
  4. Ray716
    Ray716 New Member
    Good question.. i have no idea where you sign up for BarFleet... i will ask... I was super thrilled that the magnet worked with out having to add a backing :) As far as the background, it is a 5min epoxy, with some Alumilite coloring added to give a nice amber color ;) It turned out Fantastically!

    I'm trying to decide what my next design will be after this one...