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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Bobbiethejean, May 30, 2014.

  1. Bobbiethejean
    Bobbiethejean Well-Known Member
    For some reason, the banner atop my store will randomly revert back to a previous version. I'm getting really tired of having to reupload the new one over and over. I tried deleting cookies and refreshing. I tried hitting the "save changes" button. Nothing works. RAR!
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  2. stannum
    stannum Well-Known Member
    Nothing works? Hack the servers! They are the problem. ^_^

    Serious: don't get angry, it's not on your side. Multiple servers, some holding old data, so it will keep on failing no matter what you do, except as above joke, which would mean debugging & fixing the issue.
  3. Bobbiethejean
    Bobbiethejean Well-Known Member
    Lol! I'm not actually angry, just minorly annoyed. XD I'm glad to hear it's not on my end though.
  4. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Ohoh :(

    Would you be able to help us out and share the URL of the 2 pictures you see as banner?

    Correct picture: this link
    Wrong picture: this link

    This way we can investigate why sometimes 1 banner is shown and sometimes the other (wrong) banner is shown.
  5. Bobbiethejean
    Bobbiethejean Well-Known Member
    I'm not sure what you're asking. The URL is going to be the same for both, won't it? Or..... not? I'm not sure if this is what you want but......

    Correct: 62
    Wrong: 68
  6. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Well, you said that you are seeing 2 different pictures, the new one and the old one.
    I'm trying to reproduce this but am only seeing the new one.

    This made me assume that from time to time a different link is being used.
    I'll ask our dev team to look into this.
  7. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Ok I have spotted the difference :)

    1. logged in: I see the new picture.
    2. logged out: I see the old picture
  8. Bobbiethejean
    Bobbiethejean Well-Known Member

    Thanks. ^_^ I'm using Firefox on Windows 7 64bit, if that's any help at all.
  9. UltimateGeek
    UltimateGeek New Member
    I'm having the same problem. My banner and avatar keep reverting back to old versions, even though the links I use are the same each time I visit the site (it's a bookmark). Sometimes, like right now, I see my new banner in Firefox when I'm logged in, and the old version in Chrome when I'm logged out. This is after clearing all data and history out of both browsers.

    Also, when I upload a new image again, sometimes the change appears in the other browser after a refresh (logged out), and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it actually causes other pictures I have uploaded to revert to old versions.

    I'm using Chrome 35 and Firefox 29 on Windows 8.1 Pro.
  10. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Bobbiethejean, your banner should be working fine now!

    It looks like there is a delay, a few hours later it all appears to be working
  11. Bobbiethejean
    Bobbiethejean Well-Known Member
    Nope. It's still doing the same thing. Here is a play by play:

    1.) Reupload new banner.

    2.) Go to my store. New banner shows.

    3.) Hit refresh. Old banner pops up.

    Even if I wait a few hours, the old one will inevitably pop up at random. I mean, I'll try again. But so far, it seems to be doing the same thing as before. Is there something I'm missing?

  12. AmLachDesigns
    AmLachDesigns Well-Known Member
    Is this the same problem? If so, you are not alone...
  13. Bobbiethejean
    Bobbiethejean Well-Known Member
    Not quite, I don't think. My banner will upload but then it gets replaced by the older version.
  14. UltimateGeek
    UltimateGeek New Member
    My banner has reverted to one I posted a few days ago, and has done this two or three times since I posted yesterday. As I write this, the old banner appears in the logged-out state, and the new one is visible when I'm logged in and go to the Settings page. It has probably reverted a dozen times now in total.

    I always get the "Your banner has been updated" message, but it doesn't always change the banner. Sometimes it works on the 5th or 6th attempt. I am seeing the problem across various devices (mobile, laptop, desktop), browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox), and operating systems (Windows, Android), even though I've cleared the cache in all cases.

    If this is "eventual consistency" or something similar, it's taking a looooong time for things to converge. So long that it looks like a bug.
  15. Narada_Dan_Vantari
    Narada_Dan_Vantari Well-Known Member
    I have exactly this problem.
    I reported it to support a month ago but nothing has changed.

    Here is the old banner
    Unfortunately the new one is not showing now but here is what it should look like
    I do not see any pattern to when it appears.
    Each time it appears I think - oh good they have fixed it at last - and then it goes again.

    I am using FF or Chrome or IE9 on a windows system -
    but I have also checked it on a mac and the problem is the same.

    If it is servers not updating then there is a serious problem around this.
    Over a month and the banner keeps flip flopping randomly between the new and old ones -
    this happens both in the banner upload page and in the shopfront.

    Please Shapeways - you have some serious problems with your image management systems -
    The forum is full of it. - its embarrassingly unprofessional for you and extremely annoying for many of us -
    Hire someone who knows enough to fix it !

  16. justiniso
    justiniso New Member
    Hey all,

    I saw this issue in another thread and posted an update there. I will explain what is happening here as well.

    First off, thanks for being so helpful and understanding while we work on this. Each case helps us to debug so by all means, do not stop reporting bugs :)

    I want to clarify what is happening here because I know how frustrating it can be to be left in the dark. The problem comes from using a CDN (Content Delivery Network), which is a service most large websites use to host images to speed up the time it takes for each page to load. Working with the service can be... tricky, as there can be a delay between when the image is updated and when the CDN displays that updated image on the website. This is the delay that many of you are seeing and we are actively working to reduce that.

    There is another issue that involves seeing a different image when logged in vs. logged out. This is because the CDN is retaining old images based on urls, which differs by https and http when users are logged in or logged out (https means that the data sent from your browser to Shapeways is encrypted, which all logged-in pages are). Note that if you look at the url in your browser when logged in, it will start with https. So when you update your shop banner or logo, we have to tell the CDN that all old images it has are out of date.

    I hope this clarifies some of the issues you have been seeing. Our developers are looking into the solution right now and I'm fully confident that they'll get things back on track. Again, thanks for understanding!
  17. Narada_Dan_Vantari
    Narada_Dan_Vantari Well-Known Member
    Okay I didnt think that logged in or out made any dif but I just tested and you are right.
    Unfortunately it is when I am logged in that the correct banner displays.
    Obviously since its a month since I uploaded it there is some problem.
    Thanks - Dan V
  18. Onyriade
    Onyriade New Member
    Same issue here.
    I tried to update my banner, my logo and my public profile picture and they all randomly change back to the old picture.

    My shop
  19. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hope this post helps:

  20. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hey guys,

    Good news!
    Our development team has fixed the issue!

    Please do let us know if you are still experiencing issues.