Bamboozle Hexsticks By Oskar

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    Hi Shapeways fans,

    Bamboozle Hexsticks is a puzzle based on the "diamond twin" geometry, first discovered by Fritz Laves in 1932. The puzzle is a tribute to the Hectix puzzle that was invented by Steward Coffin and Bill Cutler. Wheras both puzzles are build from hexagonal rods, Hectix is based on the regular diamond geometry. The puzzle is named after the Bamboozle math-art sculpture by father+son Koos & Tom Verhoeff from 2012, which includes the explanation "The group has no reflections; the structure is not mirror symmetric. However, the empty space surrounding the triangles has the mirror image as structure; that is, a mirror image of the structure can be nicely woven through the structure itself". This is nicely illustrated assembling the green and red puzzles separately, and then put the two together into a single puzzle.

    Watch the YouTube video.
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    Check out the photos below.


    Bamboozle-Hexsticks---view-01.jpg Bamboozle-Hexsticks---view-02.jpg Bamboozle-Hexsticks---view-03.jpg Bamboozle-Hexsticks---view-04.jpg Bamboozle-Hexsticks---view-05.jpg Bamboozle-Hexsticks---view-06.jpg Bamboozle-Hexsticks---view-07.jpg Bamboozle-Hexsticks---view-08.jpg Bamboozle-Hexsticks---view-09.jpg Bamboozle-Hexsticks---view-10.jpg