Ball Jointed Doll, modeler needed, preferably not too expensive

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    Hello there, i am looking to have a Ball jointed doll, BJD, printed of my own design.
    i would try and do this myself but i am not experienced in 3D rendering at all XD

    The doll will be 65cm tall, Hollow on the inside (Not a solid figure)
    the doll will need to have seperated joints (nothing can be stuck together, i need to be able to string her together so she is movable)
    there is about 24 pieces involved
    she cannot be too thin, some thickness on the hollow parts are required, enough room for 2 thick elastic strings to go though.
    she does not need to be overly detailed in features, if you would like to see sketches of my design please ask and i will post them ^^
    (sketch now added)

    Most of the pieces are pretty much duplicates, for example, once one entire arm is done, you just duplicate the model and flip it to the other side so they are symetrical.
    so really you just make up 14 of the pieces, 10 of those pieces are duplicated and flipped.

    if anyone is interested in taking on such a task, please let me know and let me know how much it would cost ^^
    thank you!

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  2. GregMontgomery
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    I'm a long time CAD/CAM technologist interested in dipping my toes into the maker movement. It would be fun for me to do the modeling of the doll and my kids would think it was great.

    I'll offer to do it for $100 ( no idea of rates around here ) mostly for the fun of it and because the doll looks cool. If you're interested let me know what format you need the files in.