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  1. Whystler
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    I've been working on this on and off for a couple of weeks. It's a caged automata butterfly. I think it will "fly".

    I just thought I'd post it for comment before I send it off for printing in WSF. All separations are at least .5mm ... anything very close will be .5mm, like when a bar goes through a hole, or the closest distance between gears, for example. For scale reference, the whole piece is about 13.5 cm tall.


    I'd be interested in what you think :)

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  2. Whystler
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    another render:

  3. Whystler
    Whystler New Member
    and another render:

  4. virtox
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    Awesome! :eek:

  5. Whystler
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    Thanks Virtox :) This is why I would love to have a gold/brass tinted alumide!

  6. stop4stuff
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    Good to see you back again Whystler - your models from a couple of years ago are really something that grabbed my attention to find out where the limits are.

    And this model is another of those!

    Something I found out with various chainmaille attempts in WSF is that depending on the surrounding geometry, predominantly wire thickness, is that the gap can be as small as 0.2mm without parts totally fusing. Some fusing happens, but with a wiggle or ten everything frees up ok.

    When your Automatterfly works out, be sure to advertise it as Steampunk (because it totally is)

  7. Whystler
    Whystler New Member
    Thanks Paul,

    That's good info about WSF tolerances having some flexibility. I might have to redesign if my test print is too loose.

  8. miaka618
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    That's pretty cool looking. I'd like to see it in action! :D

    Since I have you here I thought I should let you know, in case you don't already, Nuvera suffered a pretty hard crash and you may have to go through your stuff to make sure it survived. It sucks too because things were really starting to pick up over there. :/

  9. Whystler
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    Ack, Miaka ... I'll have to carve out some time to do that... somehow.