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  1. caseysteffen
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    Hello, I wanted to ask if there a way to set global markups for materials. rather than define prices based on our desired selling price, I'd also like the option to set a markup factor for each material type.

    Maybe instead of a local override for price of materials types....maybe it would be more functional for us to have a local override for each material type?

    This would solve a problem I currently have with my customers. They want me to try out different color variations, and sizes. Unless I keep a detailed log of my individual material prices, it's very difficult for me to determine the new markup costs for a customer requested varient.

    Casey Steffen
  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Currently you can't set a default, but you can download the pricing csv, update your prices (using formulas if you want to add percentage), and reupload to update it.
  3. caseysteffen
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    Oh, so this csv file will set the parameters for selling?!

    If so, that will pretty much do it. Thanks. I will check tonight and confirm.

  4. lensman
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    I'm bumping this back up because having to use the CSV is a real pain and potentially can cause a lot of problems.

    Currently you have a "Set total for all for-sale finishes in family:" above each material family. This is totally useless. If I have a pendant in Raw Silver with a base price of $109 and a 14kt gold one at $2287 right below it what good does it do to allow me to set one price for all precious metals? The most valuable option would be to "Set mark-up percentage for all for-sale finishes in family"

    An even better option (for SOME people - can't please everyone) would be to have ONE percentage of mark-up across the entire spectrum of for-sale models! (with option to change individually if needed).

    The pricing problem has been with Shapeways since day one and although there are improvements that make it easier it still is not ideal. I really can't believe we are still discussing this problem.

  5. opponent019
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    I would like to bump this too, it is seriously VERY inefficient how the seller has to set the final price instead of the markup. I think I'm not the only one that doesn't really care at all to set the final price but just the markup (while seeing how the final price is affected of course) and finds a pain having to set the prices. Please, would it be possible to let sellers set a general markup for a model without having to go through each version and material one by one or having to download a file and edit it and then upload it... just one input to change everything, it would be awesome.
    The amount of work it takes for each model doesn't change at all when if the client decides to print it in raw gold or the cheapest plastic, I don't really care what they choose to print it on or what size.
  6. railNscale
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    Pricing products cost time (and the more materials you offer a product the more work it becomes). Still, pricing is something that is not simply multiplying by a factor. It absolutely does not work for miniatures.
    As we sell a lot of models, I know the pricing and basically all other stuff takes a lot of time (adding tags, photos, description, etc...) not to mention the changes SW now and then introduces which causes tons of work. Just because some silly modification was made to ' improve' the shop or price setting.
    Still, this does not mean that for the sake of simplicity it would make sense to just forget about proper pricing. We've sold too many items here to know it doesn't work like that.
    Yes, I would like to have better tools than the awkward csv and the slow and not very functional website SW offers. But please don't try to make things easier by messing around with the pricing.

    -> check our shop: and our website:
  7. MrNibbles
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    Well, I'd say what works best for one shop isn't the best thing for other shops. If you are running a "real" business and have have lots of data to justify the painful masochistic setting of each price for each file in each material in each variant structure then the more power to you. But for schleps like me that offer random things of interest designed on a whim I also find price setting to be exceedingly painful and time consuming, and that takes time away from writing better product descriptions, adding photos, adding tags, or reviewing new facet categories and sub-categories as they arrive and matching them up to existing product. Finite time available for not so much bang for the buck = shortcuts and general malaise.

    Therefore I'm always going to be a big fanboy of being able to set a flat markup for every model in a regular product or a variant structure regardless of, well, anything or any argument. In my viewpoint any rewards flow from designing a model. It doesn't affect me one bit if a model is fabricated in wsf or solid gold. Spending 5 seconds on setting a global markup within a product would be like going to heaven and receiving an infinite supply of (Zagnut bars)* for all of eternity.

    Of course other people may have a different viewpoint so I'm also a big fanboy of shop owners being to add the painful individual markups if they feel so inclined, or shop owners being able to add percentage markups as well. It's the option of being able to do it so that's important. And I'd add the csv approach doesn't provide any pain relief for people like me in the schlepper category.

    *insert your favorite heavenly item here
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  8. opponent019
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    railNscale, if that feature was added you could still do everything the way you do it now, nobody would force you to use it. You can have an input for a general pricing for a model and still be able to set the price per material or size if you'd like. If it doesn't affect you at all but can help other sellers, why say no to it?
  9. I would definitely be in favor of the option to add a general markup to all items. I am setting up a shop for my Art students to market their designs through. There are 60 students that were limited to 5 material options. That's 300 prices I will need to individually set. Ouch.
  10. Model_Monkey
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    @sesparentsclub, in the meantime, one option that does work is to download the CSV file for your shop. It's a spreadsheet you can open in MS Excel or similar program. You can quickly manage pricing for your entire inventory by setting up a formula in the first markup cell then copying and pasting that formula into all the cells in the markup column. Once done, upload your updated CSV file to Shapeways and you're done.

    Hope this helps.
  11. lawrencekramer2014
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    The different formats for the .csv file for shopify in the shapeways fulfillment app and the .csv file for shapeways pricing changes takes some getting used to. Please provide better 'how to' guidance on the shop owners help section. I keep forgetting how to get to the somewhat hidden download and upload buttons for each update (first the price on the shapeways marketplace version, then the transport into the shopify store version).