Automatic color model rejection

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by 2brostudio, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. 2brostudio
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    I've been trying to upload my full color model that I created in Blender. I followed 2 separate Blender tutorials. I changed the model to mimic the one on shapeways, meaning I have each blender unit representing 1 millimeter. I also followed all the instructions listed in the full color tutorial, meaning I exported it to .x3d, put only the texture file and model into a .zip folder, named it the same as the model, and tried uploading the .zip to be recognized in millimeters. I get an email that the model is being processed and an email stating that the upload failed with no indication of what went wrong. I've tried a lot of different ideas, from changing the name of the model to different sizes/measurement options. I would very much appreciate some sort of help or troubleshooting.
  2. stonysmith
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    Open the X3D in Notepad or some other text editor.
    Search for the name of the texture file.

    If it looks like this:

    you need to change it to be only

    Save the X3D file and put it back into the ZIP..then try uploading
  3. 2brostudio
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    Thanks for the help, however after many tries it still hasn't worked. I went into the actual model this time and applied it to a material, I forgot to do that the first time. I went into the actual file and double checked the actual name of the texture, uploaded, didn't work. I changed the url for where the texture was located, didn't work. I've just made some improvement though, I've tried importing/exporting it in Blender and something is not going correctly because the texture is not showing. I believe something got messed up with the blend file itself, I'll post again to see whether or not this works out.
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    can you share files with us?
  5. 2brostudio
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    No problem, I've attatched a zip with 2 different versions of the model, the texture, and a readme.

    After working all last night on the model, I still haven't made any headway with it uploading.

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  6. Keymaker
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    how big it should be?
    i have opened "original" and it was too small. and when i scale it up 10x it work as it should work.

    edit: i guess you should choose, in upload menu, meters as basic unit not mm
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  7. 2brostudio
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    You know, I knew it had to be some basic mistake I just kept overlooking. I still don't know why the email wasn't saying it was way too small, but either way it appears it's working now. It's finally uploading, so thanks for the help!