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Discussion in 'Customizable Products & Design' started by Magic, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Magic
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    Hi all,

    As I mentionned during the latest podcast, I would like to see some new features for the co-creator templates.

    First, I would like to be able to upload several models in one product page (say the different kinds of numbering of a same die) and when the customer choose one of it through a radio button or a drop-down menu, the appropriate model is ordered without me having to upload again this model (currently, I have nothing to design, since all the numbering are already done, I just have to upload the correct file). See this example. Could be useful also for ring sizes for instance.

    And, something new, a slighly different request for Color Sandstone: if a co-creator only requires to upload an image, then appropriate zip file could be automatically generated by packing the VRML of the designer with the image from the customers (with a standard name like "image.jpg" for instance). See this example. 95% of Color Sandstone co-creator templates could work with this (if the customer is careful, obviously).

    The goal of these two requests is to have some co-creators that work without any intervention from the designer (so no additional working day, and potentially a smaller markup since there is no additional time spent).

    Is it something other designers would like to see? Is it doable?
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  2. ana_xyz
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    Hey Magic,

    I remember that request. I'm presenting poring over the suggestions that came in with Ben (aka horst) to figure out which suggestions might be implemented in a month's time as a high reward quick fix. Not yet sure if this falls into that category, but this does seems like a valuable bunch of features -- good for shoppers, good for designers.

    Let me talk to some people and get back to you. ;)

  3. Magic
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    May I ask if there are some update on this?

    I understood that Baroba would be also interested, and I am sure other shop owners will find these two features useful.
  4. virtox
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    yes and yes :)