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  1. wangzhaoguang
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    Hi all,

    If I upload a model by hiting the "upload button" on shapeways, does shapeways check the model's printability automatically ?
    What I want to know is that: if my model has some errors, for example triangle intersections. And such errors would affect the 3D printing.
    So, such errors are checked automatically by shapeways, right ?

    Another question is that : if I want to hollow my model, does shapeways provides such functionality after I upload my model ?

    Thank you.

    zhaoguang WANG
  2. UniverseBecoming
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    Shapeways first automatically and autonomously checks your model and then before it is printed a Shapeways employee makes a detailed examination.

    To make your model hollow you'll need to do it in your 3D modeling software. Shapeways doesn't as yet have a way to offer a hollowing out option.

    When Shapeways automatically checks your model they will also automatically make some corrections such as dealing with intersections and closing holes and what not. What I usually do though is I'll sometimes upload my models to the Netfabb Cloud Service. This service is amazing at automatically fixing up your model in various ways making it ready for 3D printing.