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Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by Berg2011, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Berg2011
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    This morning I tried to upload an AutoCAD2011 drawing to Shapeways for the first time. It didn't work.
    Following the instructions on -3d, I saved my drawing in a DXF-file and I downloaded the Accutrans programme. It still doesn't work.
    Accutrans doesn't recognise 3D Solids.
    "3DSOLID, BODY and REGIONS are ACIS entries that are NOT converted" Than it says "Export the drawing from AutoCAD as a 3DS file"
    Unfortunatly that is not an option in my Export-menu. Or I can't find it.

    Who can help?

    Kind regards,
    Otto van den Berg.
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  2. Berg2011
    Berg2011 New Member
    I think I've found it!

  3. Berg2011
    Berg2011 New Member
    Yes, it all worked fine, once I found the right button.
    Now I only have to wait a week for the result.