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  1. kp_64bit
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    Is there any way here that user come to my site and upload model.stl .i will send model to api and api send me material list.

    I dont want to user first authorize his shapeways account and then i got material and prize.

    I am presume that if i have API key then I should able to get material.
  2. stonysmith
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    There's no reason I know of that would limit from building that.

    - Upload the model using your own private credentials
    - Wait for processing
    - Retrieve Printability flags

    The biggest challenge you will have is how to deal with the delay between when you upload a model thru the API and when the pipeline has finished processing the model such that you could get a list of materials which have passed the printability checks. Often, that delay can be minutes, sometimes even hours. It's not available instantly.

    The biggest problem you will have is maintaining ownership of the Intellectual Property. When you upload something to Shapeways, you have to declare that you own the IP or have the rights to use the item. There's no way to upload something and have it "owned" by another user - unless you use THEIR credentials.