Audio to 3D

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by fracai, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. fracai
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  2. Dotsan
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    Nice idea, it looks like a straight forward revolve of a screen capture.
  3. virtox
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    It is fun :) I've been working on a few similar ideas.
    (rhythm and waveform base models)
    I don't use matlab but custom tools, but this looks like a lathe of the waveform.

    If you need something done, I can take a look.



  4. jasolo
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    I'm not a Matlab user, but googling I have found that Matlab has a function to read wavs: wavread(). Then you can make a surface of revolution from those data with cylinder() and use a plugin to export to STL.

    Because a sound wave crosses the axis many times, you should apply an "absolute value" function to the data before making the revolution. Also a downsampling could be necessary to avoid the maximum number of triangles printable with Shapeways or because of the minimum detail of the selected material.
  5. fracai
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    Yeah, I've seen wavread(), and I had the basic idea of rotating the resulting data to form a lumpy cylinder, but I didn't know about cylinder(). I'll take a look at that. Thanks.

    I also had the idea of, instead of using the absolute value, rotating by 180 degrees and having a different top and bottom shape. Though in that case it might be necessary to split the wav into the positive and negative values.

    Thanks for the tips, hopefully I can turn this into something.
  6. virtox
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    You could also just add and offset:
    For example: 6 cm + 5 cm * waveform.