Audi S1 Pikes Peak Front And Rear Wing

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  1. Smn82
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    Greetings ! New guy here.
    Im just wondering if anyone has 3d printed the front and the rare wing on a Tamiya Carson Audi S1 Pikes peak? scale 1:10.
    Best regards

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    RCFUZZY Member
    Hi buddy,
    I have all 3D models of the front and rear wings of a S1 Pikes Peak.
    Unfortunately they are not adapted to a Carson body. Would probably be a lot of work due to the errors in their body. This is one of my tasks, which I always push backwards ... but at some point I have to do that, because I have stored 4 of the bodies on my shelf.
    Perhaps we could stay in contact for those kind of projects ;-)

    Best greetings from germany.


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  3. Smn82
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    Hi sorry for very late reply.
    Lets stay in contact.
    Who is manufacturing the body on your pictures.?
    Looks very good

    Regards Marius.
  4. Frozenrain
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    You guys really stay in contact:D.
  5. Smn82
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    Indeed.. Im afraid it too late now..
  6. Hello Christian can i buy the 3D drawing of this from you?