Artistic 3D modeler wanted.

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    I try to create a personal gift to a friend. It should look like something like this (but I'm not sure that it will be a bracelet):


    Maybe it will be a belt buckle with 3D engraving or maybe something to his bike. Like this:


    Anyway, I need help to vectorize his coat of arms. The file format should be any program that's free or open source so that I can continue with my own design..

    There is artistic needs:

    1st The artist who painted the original was not sober. The shield frame (only) is not completely straight. Fortunately, the shield both sides are mirror images of each other. Just do one half and mirror it to the other.

    2nd Motif is very simple: a bull's head (which unfortunately looks more like a lazy cow). It needs to look more like a bull. Or at least less "lazy cow".

    The design can be greatly simplified (the helmet visor need to match the original).
    2D design need to be clean, not cluttered.
    3D design for engraving, will need to have smooth curves, not cluttered.

    Contact me and I will send photos by e-mail. The image I have is partially obscured (only slightly) on the left side but as I said, it is a mirror image of the right side.

    All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    try inkscape and blender. watch youtube tutorials