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    Hi everyone,
    I have a project coming up where I will need a modeller to prepare piece to be printed at shapeways.
    The design is not finalized yet but I would like to get a rough idea of the cost of modelling.
    We will print in aluminium. A 2d sketches (hand drawn and in Illustrator) will be provided to illustrate the design. Some creativity combined with knowledge of shapeways guidelines to optimize the printing results will be required. We might also work together on fine tuning the design for manufacturing process so account for that. I have experience in traditional metal casting but no previous 3d printing experience so your expertise in the field is critical.
    If the project is successful, there is strong potential for more work coming your ways in future.

    About the design:
    It is going to be hollow, relatively complex - organic, soft forms ie. tree roots, nervous system. About 10-12 cm high cylindrical form. Make sure to mention your experience and ideally attach some portfolio. Quote your best guess price - I realize that it may have to be slightly adjusted.
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    i'm a 3d modeler for over 15 years.
    i've done manu such similar jobs and can model almost anything similar based on references provided :)
    you may view my works at my website :

    if interested, please email to my personal email add as i don't check this site mail often :)
    email :

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