Artist Needed to Model a Variety of Kitchen Tools

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  1. turtleShell
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    Our research lab is looking for an artist who can model a variety of kitchen tools that we'll be using as a dataset.
    Currently, we have a list of specific object types (bread knife, chef's knife, etc.) and for each type we need around 15-25 models.
    The models should be recognizable and consistent with real world examples, but should also capture a wide variety of styles.

    The result for one object type would look something like this

    You can find an existing dataset in similar spirit here:

    If you can also produce sketches along the way it would be a plus, but not a requirement.

    Send a message if you're interested, and we can discuss specific number of models and object types that fit your estimate and our budget.

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  3. CADNinja
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    This post reminded me of something that I created for a chef friend of mine.
    Surprisingly I was able to dig this up.
    Funny..... So I though I would share this with the group.

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  4. brainwash
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    HI im interested in your post for modeling of the kitchen utensils,,
    im a 3d animator that graduated from internatinal fine arts college in miami..
    im well versed in maya and cinema 4d and blender,,,,

    can u give me more information

    thank you
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    Nice design Jeff! Very creative! :eek:
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    Thanks James. No word from this poster yet though. Not that I have heard anyway.
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    PM sent