Artist/Company needed for Statue/Maquette 3d Printing and Paint/Finishing (1/6th scale)

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  1. remimcgill
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    I'm looking for an artist/company to 3d print and finish a sculpture with paint and detailing. We already have Digital modeling handled so what we really need is someone to handle the printing and finishing part of the process.

    We are doing a 1/6 scale sculpture with maximum dimensions of 30x24x20 which we want to have printed and finished to a high level of quality, this is going to be shown at trade shows and will be a show piece. We need to show the process from digital entertainment to fabrication as part of this project. We also want to do a "behind the scenes" coverage of the work so we can show the process.

    The sculpture would have 2 characters as well as sculpted ground and a few props, we're also interested in having lights for the glowing parts of the statue embedded/

    To give you a partial idea what we want to print I've included images of the characters and a super rough mockup for size.


    If anyone knows of an artist or company that does this kind of work I would be very interested to get in contact.

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  2. Ming
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    i'm a 3d modeler for over 15 years and have done many modelling for shapeways members :)
    i can model almost anything similarly based on references provided :)
    you may view my works at my website : l

    if interested, please email to my personal email add as i don't check this site mail often :)
    email :


    attached is a similar work that i've done for posted job here recently . awesome.jpg