Arrivals in Elasto, Steel, and WSF

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  1. ceramicwombat
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    I have had a couple of batches of models arrive in the past two weeks. The first two are models I made for Shapeways' original Flex material that I wanted to see in the new Elasto Plastic. The Dragonscale Cuff is much more robust in Elasto Plastic than I anticipated. The Elasto Plastic is less elastic and not as soft as the old Flex material. That's not a bad thing, just surprisingly different.


    Has anyone had any luck with dyeing the new Elasto Plastic? I like it in white but I'd like to experiment with dyeing it a different color.


    The Hand Stylus was an experimental model to see how Flex (and now Elasto) would interact with a smartphone screen. It does not. I designed it for people with large fingers like me who have trouble navigating smartphone screens. I tried to imagine a use for this model now that I know it doesn't activate smartphone screens, but came up empty.


    Next up is the Thoroughly Modern Dice Set. I wanted to create a set with a mid-century-style font and a smooth, (relatively) minimalist aesthetic.


    Last is a redesign of my Moiré Sphere. The old version didn't have enough space between the ribs. The new, airier design allows the moiré pattern effect to really pop. There is a video of the sphere in motion on the product page linked above.

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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    I love the cuff, had a similar idea I haven't yet worked on that this makes me want to work on it now.
  3. You might have some luck with the finger stylus if you get it metal plated. (Maybe.) The touch screens are capacitive, if I recall correctly, so non-conducting materials have no effect.
  4. lensman
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    Too bad you didn't use the middle finger as a pointer - Could think of lots of uses then :twisted:
  5. ceramicwombat
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    Thanks, Youknowwho4eva. If you are going to make something similar, I recommend going with a minimum wall thickness of 1mm. My cuff was designed with Flex in mind, which had a minimum wall thickness of 1.5mm. On an object this size in Elasto Plastic, 1.5mm is quite beefy. I think 1mm would give a better "feel" to a cuff-type object.

    FreeRangeBrain, I probably should have researched whether Elasto Plastic would have the properties necessary to activate a smartphone screen before I built the model. But, I found out how hard it is to build a reasonable approximation of a human hand from scratch in 3D. I'm hoping I can apply the practice done while creating this model to some other (hopefully functional) model.
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    Love the scales on the cuff and your sphere is very nice!