Are you looking for a 3D Character Artist?

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  1. VitaliyBurovDesign
    VitaliyBurovDesign New Member
    My name is Vitaliy Burov. I am a creative and self-motivated 3D Artist and Designer with nearly 10
    years of experience in using digital and traditional media.
    I am offering my Freelance services in 3D Modeling. I can make your ideas come to life.
    On this forum, I have attached one example of what I can do for you. And I am not limited to the modeling possibilities.
    My current location is in New York, United States. Available to work on site or remotely at any
    given time. I am present on skype or phone at any time (given by request).
    Here you can find my previous work, Email me for more information about
    my services.
    Languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish
    My vision is to make your dream come to life!

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  2. Eman4evr
    Eman4evr New Member
    Hello, I was just wondering a few things. How much would you charge for a small figurine used in roleplaying table top games such as Dungeons and Dragons? I have a link to a website for what the model would look like, but I cannot seem to find the file for it.
    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
    I am just wondering how much it would cost, so hopefully you can get back to me as soon as you can.
  3. VitaliyBurovDesign
    VitaliyBurovDesign New Member
    Hi Eman4ever (cool nickname!),

    I would like to see the picture before I give you my quote on it. I am here for challenge, so surprise me!


    Vitaliy Burov
  4. Eman4evr
    Eman4evr New Member
    .I have two ways for you to view the model, but the problem is, the only place I can find in on is this website, but I hope that you may have better luck finding a way to extract the model. I took a screenshot of 4 angles of his model if you can not find a way to extract the model.

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>


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  5. VitaliyBurovDesign
    VitaliyBurovDesign New Member
    Hi Eman4evr,

    Yes, I can model it! Are you planing to print it in color?
    Email me your email to vburov(AT) for more information about the cost and delivery time.

    Thank you!
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  6. Eman4evr
    Eman4evr New Member
    I do plan to have it printed in color, and I have sent you an email about the details of ordering and such.

  7. lazyhusky
    lazyhusky New Member
    Hello, I'm new to 3D so I'll probably be asking some dumb questions. For this service do you need the 3d file or will you be able to recreate it if I just provide some pictures of the character?

    I'm looking to 3d print out some small character models.

    Will provide more info if interested.

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  8. VitaliyBurovDesign
    VitaliyBurovDesign New Member

    This is an interesting project. I would like to know your answer on:
    How small the characters will be printed (40mm or 30mm)?
    In color?
    I will be able to recreate the characters from proper sketches or screen captures. Or if you have the 3D file, I will prepare it for 3D print...
  9. lazyhusky
    lazyhusky New Member
    For now I'm thinking 40mm and in color. The colored area does not have to be spot on but accuracy will be appreciated.

    I won't be able to provide the 3d file so the best I could do is provide screenshots of multiple angles.

    Would you mind providing your email for this discussion?

  10. VitaliyBurovDesign
    VitaliyBurovDesign New Member
    My email is vburov(AT)
  11. LuxxieBoston
    LuxxieBoston New Member

    LuxxieBoston is a lingerie startup that is looking to incorporate wearable 3D printed lace. I have an image of the lace I want printed - would you be able to help me create a 3d file to upload to shapeways? What is the cost of your services?

  12. VitaliyBurovDesign
    VitaliyBurovDesign New Member
    Sounds a great project!
    Unfortunately, I don't 3D model a wearable underwear! On other hand, I can model a female that will wear it...
  13. Raizer04
    Raizer04 New Member
  14. haileychan
    haileychan New Member
    Hi there,

    i need 3D printing a mask, in really size. i would give u a 3D scanned model with facial expressions, but the expressions need to be manipulated once more without losing the details. i just wonder when is your available time? how long does it takes? and the budget.

    many thanks