are x-rated designs okay?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by kimgalibert, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. kimgalibert
    kimgalibert New Member
    i have some 3d scans of nude women, may i submit these for printing?

    thanks, the service looks great!

    also - where do the finished products ship from?

  2. joris
    joris New Member
    Kim, great question!

    In principle we want to let the Shapeways designers be as free as they want to be. We do not want to censor you in any way.

    So we will definately allow you to print out your models.

    The only issue that we have is that we by no means want to be seen as an adult site by NetNanny, other parental controls and internet filters. We also would not want to offend any one individiual. So just to be on the safe side we would ask you to make your models private.

    You can do this on the Upload page:

    Near the bottom there is a drop down menu called 'Model availability.' Just select the option private and then only you can see your model.

  3. kreator
    kreator New Member
    And what about ...

    1- full scale sex toys ?
    2- extreme avant-garde X-rated 3D scene ?
    3- copyrighted logos ?
    4- messiah caricatures ?
    5- nazi items ?
    6- nuke bomb parts ?
    7- cowboy neal 3D ?

    I do not plan doing any of these, just asking...
  4. robert
    robert New Member
    I think you can answer that question yourself?

    I agree we need to make some guidelines available on what is acceptable behavior.

    Though... I would love a 3D Cowboy Neal. Maybe we should ask him scan his body?


  5. kreator
    kreator New Member
    Well, may I suggest this new FAQ?

    Can we print...

    1- Full scale sex toys?
    Ok, just call your model "Space Rocket" or make it private. We remind you that we're not responsible for any damage caused by actual use of printed models (especially oversized ones).

    2- Extreme avant-garde X-rated 3D scene?
    Ok if the scene depicts something legal in both our and your country. Make your model private. (please send us your catalog)

    3- Copyrighted logos?
    We can't check if your model includes copyrighted materials. We're a printing company; it's your editor job to make sure you do not cross the line. [There's maybe some kind of artistic freedom about this]

    4- Messiah caricatures ?
    Again, we can't check if there's a messiah in your model. Neither can we decide if it's a caricature or not. Be wise not to show off here with some offensive model; make it private.

    5- Nazi items?
    Ok, we're not supposed to guess what the printed model would be used for... WW2 movie accessory? Museum show case? Included in a bigger anti-nazi sculpture? Still keep it private.

    6- Nuke bomb parts?
    We won't even know what those parts would be for... Same as questions 3,4,5. Also avoid calling your model "Detonator".

    7- Cowboy neal 3D?
    Still waiting for the model…
  6. robert
    robert New Member
    Thanks! I have forwarded your post to Legal for verification. :D

    But seriously this is a not an easy subject to tackle. On one hand we believe in the freedom of creation and do not like impose anything on you guys.
    On the other hand people or companies will have problems with particular designs.

    Any suggestions what is acceptable behavior to you guys?


  7. erik
    erik New Member
    Perhaps include a category for it, which can be used like a filter.
    Then have a special profile option that will determine if models from that category will be shown. If it defaults to off, it will be a conscious decision of the user to view that content.
  8. kreator
    kreator New Member
    Yes! That's the idea: profile options.

    Practical implementation: add some checkbox options in the user profile:

    x I'm a perverse
    x I'm subversive
    x I'm a terrorist
    x I'm a Cowboy Neal fan

    Any tick makes all existing user models private and makes the private option compulsory for next models.

    - the 1st or 2nd option ensures that the models are processed, printed, handled by very broad-minded employees only.
    - the 3rd option locks the user account definitely.
    - the 4th option silently replaces uploaded models by the Cowboy Neal 3D model (coming soon).

    The company should be safe with those features.
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  9. robert
    robert New Member
    Labeling questionable content would be an option indeed!

    Though it would not solve any possible copyright related issues.


  10. Christel
    Christel New Member
    A "controversial" category, which could be filtered out would be a good option. And maybe make it possible for users to report offensive content not posted in the proper category.

    As for copyrights and trademarks, I actually think you can be held responsible!
    Your service can be compared to services like - you may want to check out their policy regarding copyrighted material.