Are these measurements OK for printing?

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  1. Moosh89
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    I recently uploaded a ring and tried to have it printed. My order was cancelled because the model had thin walls

    I think I have since corrected this by remodeling the whole ring (which was very frustrating). I am still very new to modeling and Shapeways

    I will attach the screenshot I received with my email and the new screenshot I just took.

    I want to get these printed in Polished Alumide and Gold Plated Stainless Steel. This is the smallest size I will make these rings (4.5). The next size up I will make is 8 through 12 (so the final rings will be roughly twice the size, as 4.5 is my size, and I only want one of each material in my size)

    is this OK to upload and order? (See next message for current state)

    Thank you!

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  2. Moosh89
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    New measurements

    New facehugger measurements.png
  3. stop4stuff
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    What's the measurements across the two areas circled?
    If they're 1.5mm or above you should be good to go. :)

  4. Moosh89
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    Thank you for the reply, it depends on which way you measure

    left to right it is 0.99 & 0.95, however front to back it is 1.59 & 1.75

    If I remodel the legs, it might take away from the knuckle look, as I am trying to get it fairly accurate looking. If I have to I guess I can sacrifice a bit

    New facehugger measurements 2.png
  5. Moosh89
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    I would like to order these as soon as possible, without having to have the process of getting a refund/coupon code

    I noticed there are some knives and blades available for sale in some shops that are available in Steel. So is the theory that if it is wide enough one way, will it print? (see above photo) Seeing as how there are sharp/flat looking knife blades out there?

  6. stop4stuff
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    The knives & blades you saw that were 'available' in steel - had they actually been printed? (Shapeways do have a no weapons policy)

    With your facehugger ring, there's two ways you'll find out, the first 'know for sure' that the ring will print is to order it, the 2nd is to send an email to and ask Shapeways Customer Services though ymmv going that route. The thin areas of the legs support a heavier part, they might break, or they might not.

    The thing is with wall thickness, it means the thickness in any direction. With stainless, the model is made in a three stage process, the first is a powder & binder print - when excess powder is removed and the model handled is when the model is most likely to break - see the video on the design rules page -

  7. Moosh89
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    Thanks again stop4stuff

    I went ahead and ordered them again, hopefully they'll print

    as for the knives and blades I saw, see here: t-knife-blade.html <--- Available in steel ener.html <---- Steel titool.html <---- For sure printed in steel, multiple times

    I am aware of the no weapons policy. I do have a question about that though! Does that apply to 1:1 scale replicas made from plastic?

    I want to model a pistol or two, possibly to replace the shell of a cheap department store battery operated airsoft pistol (airsoft pistols only shoot little plastic pellets, no harm, they sell them to kids even). It would simply just be a shell. I was thinking of polished alumide (or WSF)

    Thanks for taking the time to reply :)
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  9. Moosh89
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    Thanks stonysmith

    I have read the FAQs a few times, but figured if it was in parts it would be OK. I guess I will have to find a different route.

    I have found some replacement parts for 1:1 scale replica guns when searching shapeways though, maybe I will try anyway just to see what comes of it. I forgot to mention before I will also be modeling a screw on "plug" for the tip (which will be painted flourescent orange)

    Here are the parts I found: gnal-gun.html d-smooth.html d-crater.html left.html right.html

    Thanks again
  10. stop4stuff
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    None of those models are weapons or weapon look-a-likes, the closest is the Halo Magnum but it is only 13cm - and none of the models have photographed images attached. Three of the models are 'Not For Sale' and the rest are 'available' in any material except ceramics - being 'available' to buy does not mean that the model will be printed. If you think models violate Shapeways 'No Weapons' policy, then report them using the appropriate link on the model page ;)