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  1. SavIsSavvy
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    Hi Everyone!

    In lieu of the exciting Apple announcement, here's a place to talk about all the new products and how to design accessories for them in time for the Hoildays!

    We'll update this post with the design files for all the new accessories as soon as apple releases them.
  2. UniverseBecoming
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    I think I'll make a few things for them. Post here when the design files are released so I'll get an email notification. :)
  3. For any of your readers who are interested, we've developed a 3D model of the 38mm Case Apple Watch in multiple file formats. It is based off of scaled image using the 38mm screen height as a reference. The models are free to download, and open sourced for addition of new versions and more renderings. You can find them here
  4. UniverseBecoming
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    Nice work! Downloaded it. Thanks!

    Even if it's off slightly in its dimensions at least this will provide a foundation stone that could easily be modified later when the actual dimensions come out.

  5. SavIsSavvy
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    @Michael, thank you so much for sharing! That is awesome. Cannot wait to see what we all create for these new devices!
  6. No problem. If anyone needs any other file formats, just let us know :)
  7. SavIsSavvy
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    That's really kind of you, Michael. It's Shapies like you that make our community so special.

    I've added your file to our iPhone 6/Apple Watch blog post here:
  8. jaredcfw
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    So I've been looking at the .pdf with the dimensions of the new iPhones and I'm somewhat confused. I thought the iPhone 6 was 6.9mm thick and the iPhone 6plus was 7.1mm thick. But no matter how I look at the design sheets it seems like both are 6.85mm thick (not including the camera's depth). Can anyone help? Is anyone having the same problem? And I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this.
  9. seriaforma
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    Sarah Jacobsson Purewal of Macworld is working on a iphone6 case round up so you may want to pitch your products.

    Deadline is 7:00 PM PST - 21 November

  10. SavIsSavvy
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    Great advice seriaforma!
  11. Max_Sinister
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    Is there some STL template for iPhone cases, which is free for anyone to use, if you want to customize it by yourself?