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  1. I'm currently uploading all my I Ching pendant designs to my shop, and several of the names of the trigrams have apostrophes in them (such as Ch'ien, K'un, K'an etc). I type these apostrophes in as normal, but once the files are uploaded, the apostrophes have been changed automatically to quote marks ( " ). This means I have to go back into the model pages to change them all back to apostrophes, which is a bit of a bear when there are so many of them.

    [EDIT] Actually, I've just realised that the quote marks are actually double apostrophes, which is even weirder. So whenever I type an apostrophe, it turns it into two.
    Any idea why this is?

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    I assume it's an escaping artifact, that apostrophes are doubled when being placed in the database since they're also used to quote the data. It's a common problem with SQL-style databases (and probably others too). Someone eventually is going to have to handle round-tripping that correctly.