API Release 2013-05-16

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  1. ProfessorBeekums
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    Here are the new API features for this week!

    Default Materials:
    'defaultMaterialId' has been taken out of Beta. Once again, this field allows you to set the default material for your models. This is a parameter on POST /models/v1 and PUT /models/{modelId}/info/v1 and as a return value for POST /models/v1, GET /models/{modelId}v1, PUT /models/info/v1, and GET /models/{modelId}/info/v1.

    Model Categories:
    There are new Beta fields that allow you to assign model categories to your models. The 'categories' field is a parameter on POST /models/v1 and PUT /models/{modelId}/info/v1. This also exists as a return value for POST /models/v1, GET /models/{modelId}v1, PUT /models/info/v1, and GET /models/{modelId}/info/v1.

    There is also a new URI (also in Beta) for categories: /categories/v1. This contains LIST and GET methods so that you can find more information about available categories.

    These new fields can be found in the HTML API Docs and the JSON API Discovery.

    Also, there is a new app setting: 'Default Category'. If a category is not specified when uploading a model via the API, the category specified as the default for the app will be assigned to the model. Previously, models uploaded with the API did not have a category associated with them which affected their visibilitiy on www.shapeways.com. All apps have this setting set to 'Art' at the moment so if you feel that that is not appropriate for your app, please change it.
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    Nice, thank you.

    What's "remote geometry URL", anyway? Now that I go back to the "my apps" page, I wonder.