API Release - 2013-05-01

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  1. ProfessorBeekums
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    We're happy to announce new features for the API this week!

    Private models:
    You can now obtain a key from the API for accessing private models. The return value 'secretKey' is returned on POST /models/v1, GET /models/{modelId}v1, PUT /models/info/v1, and GET /models/{modelId}/info/v1. You can use this key by adding it to the model url: www.shapeways.com/model/[modelId]/?key=[key]
    Note that this is a permanent key that does not expire.

    Default Materials:
    A new Beta field, 'defaultMaterialId', has been added that allows you to set the default material for your models. This is a parameter on POST /models/v1 and PUT /models/{modelId}/info/v1 and as a return value for POST /models/v1, GET /models/{modelId}v1, PUT /models/info/v1, and GET /models/{modelId}/info/v1.

    These new fields can be found in the HTML API Docs and the JSON API Discovery.
  2. Bathsheba
    Bathsheba Well-Known Member
    Has anyone else tried defaultMaterialId? I can't get it to work, the field is not set or returned whatever I do.
  3. zoatron
    zoatron New Member
    I got it to work eventually.

    I note with interest that defaultMaterialId is no longer a beta field, it's official now, and that there is a new beta field for setting the categories of a model.
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