Anyone With Experience Making Custom 1/6 Scale Headsculpts?

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by Tkpxo8, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Tkpxo8
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    Hello there! Im rather new to Shapways and 3d modeling in general and though this would be a great place to get help on a personal project. With that in mind i was wondering is it possible to take a ripped 3d model from a game and use it to make an accurate 1/6 scale headsculpt for 3d printing? If so how would i go about repurposing the orginal reference model or where can i find someone to do it for me?( I have the reference obj file and it can be easily download from online btw.)

    Thanks for you time and i hope to posted this in the right place~
  2. gafsadesign
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    pm sent
  3. philnolan3d
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    I could definitely sculpt that if you have the head model from the game.
  4. Tkpxo8
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    I do! Here is tye obj file

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  5. Ronin_fang
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  6. AndersDT
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    I would love to help you, too.

    I just took a look at the .obj-file, and it looks like the model is not 3d-printable in its current form, but that it could be turned 3d-printable relatively easily – in that case sculpting would be unnecessary.

    Let me know if you want me to proceed, or if I can help you in any other way. I answer quicker if I am contacted at

    Best regards and good luck with the project,
  7. AndersDT
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    Oh, and another thing. A 1:6 model can be costly (depending on the material), so having it hollowed out to save material would probably be a good idea.
  8. Tkpxo8
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    Ah i see
    Ah, i see. My goal is to be able to concert and use the orginal scupt for the 1/6 headsculpt. Id love for it to be as close to the ingame model as possible. The only thing i can see needing molding is the hair and underside of the head so that it can be used with standard 1/6 scale neck adapters
  9. Tkpxo8
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    I figured ~ i planned to have the underside of the head look something like this (without the inner neck ring/adapter)

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  10. AndersDT
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    I should definitely not be a problem to use the original model – it just needs a few things to be printable.
    I am not familiar with the "standard 1/6 neck adapters", though. Do you have a file for those? Otherwise I will need to know the size of them, but then it should not be a problem either.

    Best regards,
  11. Tkpxo8
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    Awesome! Im glad to hear that! The original model would need a few tweaks though such as skin and beanie texturing as well as modeled hair.

    I wish i had a file for the adapters but i can provide basic measurements from som i have on hand. There cylindical platic pieces that are glued into a hollowed out section in the head. Theyre about 14 mm wide and 16.5 mm long. I can provide more reference pictures if necessary
  12. Tkpxo8
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    Also The head is 1/6 scale so it should be scaled to about 1.5667 inches long and about 1.1667 inches wide? My math may be off but those are my general estimations. Pm me for more details/ clarification