Anyone tried carbon fiber nylon SLS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TOM_TOM_TOM, Nov 27, 2012.

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    I see that SolidConcepts has their PA 640-GSL, Nylon 12 with Carbon Fiber, and EOS has their Carbonmide PA12-CF.

    Has anyone tried SLS with these materials?
    I'm interested in it's strength compared to plain PA 12. But according to the data sheet, the Z-axis tensil strength for the carbon fiber nylon is almost half of plain PA12. Is this the strength against a force perpendicular or parallel to the Z-axis? Is this a really big problem?

    Does anyone know of a printer in Europe that would offer SLS with the carbon fiber nylon? I wonder how much more it would cost to use carbon fiber compared to plain PA.

    If the carbon fiber actually performs better than plain PA, it might be a good selling point to use for finished products.
  2. Tamert
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    I routinely use fiber reinforced SLS materials for my printed parts, both carbon and glass fibers. If you've never worked with a fiber reinforced composite material I recommend that you spend a lot of time investigating them. You need to understand how fiber reinforcement alters all of the mechanical properties of the material. If you just naively use a fiber reinforced material I think you will be disappointed with the result.