Anyone Thinking About Applying 3d Printing On Rc Car?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mavisdoug1977, Mar 23, 2020.

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    Hello folks,

    So I just found this interesting print made by my friend,
    We use tpu which made the model actually flexible. However, it's not really heat resistant, it will melt around 80 clicker

    Anyway, what i am thinking is that a lot of us we have our baby rc cars, but sometimes we can't find parts or we don't have budget to buy parts we need. Moreover, we are really addicted to customize our cars.

    Therefore, according to my background is a product designer and a 3D print hobbyist, I realize now we can have a good printer around 250 pound, and the printer can print small tiny components with accuracy. Which means if we can apply 3D printing in rc car area, we might able to fix or customize our cars more easily
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    Sadly that is just another spam copypasta ... exact wording appeared here and elsewhere under a different username around september (and unsurprisingly got edited a while later to add various spam links). Just search for the snippet beginning at "according to my background is a". This forum has gone to the dogs like so much else
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    @ mkroeker: the quickest way to keep the dogs away is to click the "Report" word at the bottom of the offending post and explain what you think of the post... ShapeWays has been quick to delete SPAM that I have reported.
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    I used to do this, and I used to be very active in the forum in general.