Anyone Else Have This Problem?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by galapalos_green, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. galapalos_green
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    I'm still doing only the Easy Creator stuff, and I love trying to design rings, but then I had this problem.

    I have a tendency to upload several ring designs at one sitting, which is when I realized I didn't keep track of the order in which I did that and therefore did not know which was which!

    Evidently you can't give a ring your own name when using Easy Creators. I thought, well, as I make each one I'll upload the original jpg where you upload photos of an item, but when I went to a ring in my models, there was nothing visible to upload a picture and no way to go to edit mode, either.

    All I want to do is be able to tell which jpg goes with which ring after
    I've uploaded it but before I order it, when there's that generic ring picture, and if there's a way, I haven't found it. I hate to spend money on a bunch of plastic test rings just so they will be processed and I can tell which is which! (Though I actually did that yesterday 'cause I really wanted to get rid of that generic image.)

    Am I the only one with this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. RalphVdB
    RalphVdB Well-Known Member CS Team
    Hi Ya!

    Welcome, I wasn't aware of this problem.

    Can you do us a favor and create an item for this issue in Uservoice, under the "Bugs & Problems" category?

    This will help Shapeways keep track of the problem, and make it visible to others so we can get a heads up if others are experiencing the same thing.

    All the best, Ralph
  3. galapalos_green
    galapalos_green New Member
    Okay, Ralph, I posted my previous message in the "bugs" section. Hope I did it right! I had not been aware of that section before.

    I do think it's a reasonable and logical request. I don't care about the name so much as the identification.

    Thanks for your direction.

  4. RalphVdB
    RalphVdB Well-Known Member CS Team
    Great! You are welcome!