Any News About The Shapeways Dota 2 3d Printing Contest On Polycount?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Txeroki, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Txeroki
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  2. Txeroki
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    Would it be too much to ask you to please give an answer as to what happened/is going on with the judging of the contest? Or are we just going to be silently and rudely shaken off in order to never trust a Shapeways contest again? Thank you.
  3. mkroeker
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    Not unusual for shapeways' contests to take a long time until winners are announced, especially when external partners are involved. Partners probably underestimate the number of entries (and consequently the hours it costs them), or change marketing strategy mid-way through the competition when the next buzzword hits their marketing team. Shapeways now apparently trying to re-invent itself as a print-on-demand jewelry warehouse may play a role as well.
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  4. Txeroki
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    At this point, it's just about telling us wether or not they are going to announce any winners at all or not....There is a lot of expectation, disappointment and negativity among the contestants as to just simply what is going on if anything at all, and the least that could be done is just tell us "hold on, we're on it, although we said it would be ready in two weeks and its been two months" or "sorry but we have to put it on hold" or "sorry, we just dropped it". Say something after two months of silence and letting the contestants just rot. It's just basic common courtesy and decency. Take as long as you will or drop it if you can't carry it out, but SAY SOMETHING, please.

    I doubt polycount has anything to do with this, they've already completed their part of the job by hosting it, nothing more left for them to do except get word from Shapeways about the winners or whatever decision they've made. It's just a lack of either decision or planning, coupled with silent disregard for the dozens of people that put in a lot of hours answering to their call...I just hope it's not gonna be like Peter and the wolf, because eventually people will not pay any heed anymore.