Any Dimension : Specialist's in Creating Files for 3D Printing

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    Any Dimension specialising and preparing and fixing files for 3D printing - ;

    Charge Out Rate : USD15.00 per hour.

    Contact us :

    Convert 2D models to 3D: 
This service converts 2D drawings into the 3D CAD format you require. We specialise in converting 2D Architectural drawings into 3D Cad files for 3D printing.

    STL Repair 
This service fixes your defective STL files: inversion of flipped triangles, stitching of bad edges, filling of holes, trimming of surfaces and merging of shells. We are very good at fixing Architectural files for 3D printing.

    CAD to STL or CAD conversion 
This service translates your CAD file to the STL format or any other format that you may require. We support most software packages.

    We offer fast turnaround, high quality 3D printable files at reasonable prices.
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  2. robbhoward
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    I am looking for someone to help 3d model a Toy. I have a rudimentary prototype and a similar toy, but no drawings. I need a modeler who can help me take the concept to a functional 3D printed prototype. I live in Los Angeles. Please contact me if you are interested.

    Robb Howard