Antweight Fighting Robots

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  1. ARHib
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    I have been making antwieght fighting robots for the past 5 years with some sucess. I used to machine parts and drill and tap polycarbonate to construct my robots, which took a very long time as wasn't as accurate as i would have liked. My latest designs have had 3d printed chassis made from WS&F. I am very happy with shapeways, although the parts aren't perfect with a bit of filing and drilling the parts are far more complicated than i could produce normally. Below are my latest robots.

    This robot is called Anticide weighing 150g

    This robot won the Antweight World Series 28, with its 175psi pneumatic flipper. el

    This is the latest version of Kwijebo a 225g walking robot with a 106g disc which spins up to 12000 rpm. The cams for the legs have been made as one piece with 0.25mm clearance and run up to 3700 rpm.


    I also have a video of the legs being tested el

    Lastly is the weapon test. el_page

    Maybe the next ones will be in colour.
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  2. Marleen
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    Wow, that really works. Watch out that you don't hurt yourself!

  3. Ushanka
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    Those antbots are amazing! Do you think there's a league in California for me?
  4. Nshortino
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    Wow! Great use of 3d printing, but I thought Shapeways was for love not war. In the videos the robots look completely terrifying. We could be only a few years away from mass produced robot armies!
    On a serious note though, how well does the material hold up under all the movement? In the weapon test video the whole robot appeared to be shaking a lot. Has there been any wear due to the heat and friction?
  5. Gijs
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    Great stuff!
    The first video is hilarious where those robots are flying out of the arena!
  6. ARHib
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    An update on the antweight robots. Anticide has become the most sucessful antweight ever, winning the last 3 world series events.

    I have also been working on a new robot called strafen. The chassis wasn't ready for the event last saturday however i did manage to get the robot built using a simplified design.

    This is a picture of the test platform showing the mecanum drive, which allows for sideways (strafe-ing) movement.


    video links of strafen:

    There are also many other videos uploaded from saturday on youtube. One of the other robots called void (finshed 2nd at the latest world series) also has a shapeways chassis.
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    Amazing stuff, I cant believe how fast these things move! The videos were great fun to watch. I can see how shapeways have opened up a lot of possibilities for interesting designs to you.

    Is there a basic electronic kit available for antweight robots? I'm sure I could design the chasis, and have a little experience with electronics but it would be much easier if the basic electronics/motors/radio gear came in kit form.

    I like the one with legs, did that have enough traction when fighting? do you have a clearer image of how the legs work?

    I built this robot a while ago:
    I'm now inspired to build something similar using shapeways technology!
  8. ARHib
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    Thats a really cool walker, i always liked hexapods.

    The best place for information is forum. Lots of information on there.

    The leg mechanism is fairly complicated, its designed to use counter rotating cams to give no up and down motion.