Antweight Cluster Robot

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by psychofox, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    These arrived a few weeks back, but I had to finish building them and then have a competition with them. For anyone who isn't aware (and I'm assuming that's pretty much all of you) Antweights are 150g combat robots, much like on the TV show Robot Wars, only much smaller!

    Shapeways WSF material is so strong and light it has given me the opportunity to make two tiny 75g robots and enter them as a 'clusterbot'.

    I thought I'd share as I'm very happy with the outcome.




    I've used some cheap RC gear from Hobby King, and now have two very nice robots. The WSF stood up quite well to some of the more dangerous weapons, but the thinner parts of the design shattered. I'll be sorting that in the future by using a thicker wall.

    Here's some videos of it in action:

    They were voted best looking robots by the rest of the competitors. :D I've made a few complaints on the forums lately, but it's nice to be able to post some good stuff on here finally!
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    Cool! It's like you put Gemini's flipper onto a wedged Black and Blue. I wish I knew how to build RC robots. Tell me, how much does the flipper flip? I'd imagine 200 grams to easily flip opponents.
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    I've never tested what the maximum flip is, but yeah it can do 200g comfortably. The flipper servo is only small on this one as it needs to be cheap and light.

    my 150g antweight COSMOS (also shapeways chassis) has a more powerful servo flipper and can lift up to a kilo. But I'm currently working on a pneumatic flipper which will be much more powerful again :twisted:

    They're pretty easy and cheap to build (Aside from the 3D printing, each robot is about £20). If you ever fancy having a go, pop over to, there's loads of info there on how to get started.